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Chicken Biryani Recipe | Easy to make at Home

    Chicken biryani is the most favorite, mouth-watering, and tasty dish in the sub-continent. Chicken biryani recipe is always at the top of the menu list or either enjoy the wedding or with the other opportunities, its spicy components and cook at home for 5 to 8 people, enjoy salads and ingredients your friends and family.

    Biryani is a mixed rice dish, which includes a delicious combination of spices. This easy biryani recipe is very popular and it is safe to say that Chicken Biryani is popularly used in every home in Indian sub-continent countries like India and Pakistan.

    Chicken brothers can be developed in many unique types, depending on this area, flavor, and preferences. Instead of the classic biryani recipe, Bombay is more popular in variations like Biryani and Sindhi Biryani.

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    ingredients chicken biryani

    Chicken — one kg

    Rice — one kg

    Ginger garlic —- two tablespoons

    Salt — taste — you want

     Onion (finely chopped) —- three medium size

     Tomato (finely chopped) —- six   medium size

     Curd (sprouted) —- one cup of

     White cumin — one teaspoon

    Turmeric —- one teaspoon

     Red pepper —- two tablespoons

    Coriander —- one tablespoon

     Hot spices —- one tablespoon

    Green peppers (finely chopped) —- six to eight Numbers

     Green coriander (finely chopped) — half knotted

     Mint (finely sliced) —- half bundle

     Proven hot spices —- two tablespoons

    Yellow color — one pinch

     Milk — one cup

     Kewra —– —– —– —– —– —

     Coking oil —- one cup

    How to make this best chicken biryani?

    Warm the cooking oil in the middle heat for three to five minutes and put the proven hot spices – when they are bitter, put the onion and fry it.

    Put the spoon, turmeric, turmeric, and zeera for two to three minutes and then add the tomatoes and cook so long that the tomatoes go.

    When the tomatoes go well and come in the form of a paste, add chicken, salt, red pepper, dried hot spices, green pepper, green coriander, and mint – then add the yogurt well and cook it for 12 to 15 minutes.

    Boil the rice with proven hot spices (three to four minutes before full boiling) and sift the water.

    Spread the chicken in a large size deggy and put the rice on top of it – mix the yellow color and the iron in the milk and sprinkle the rice on the rice.

    Cover the deggy and keep it on a warm towel for fifteen to twenty minutes. After dum, serve this chicken biryani recipe with raitha and salad and enjoy the real taste of biryani.

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