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Dragon Fruit: The Superfood You Need in Your Life

    Dragon fruit is high in vitamin c and other antioxidants, which is good for your immune system. It can boost your iron level. Iron is important to move oxygen through your body and give you energy, and the dragon the fruit is iron. And vitamin c in dragon the fruit helps your body to take in and consume iron.

    The dragon fruit in Spanish is called pitahaya. The plant from which fruit comes is actually a type of cactus which contains about 20 different species. 

    Originally popular in southeast Asia and America, dragon plant is now grown and enjoyed all over the world. Although it may look intimidated by its pink red skin and light green scales, it is easy to produce this unusual fruit. You can enjoy eating it in fruit salad, it can be used to produce delicious drinks and desserts, and it is a wonderful, healthy snack on its own.

    What is Dragon Fruit?

    _The dragon fruit was attributed to its appearance.Which is somewhat similar to an artichoke.The approach around the oval-shaped fruit reminds of the “scales” dragon.

    There are four types of dragon the fruit, and these can be subdivided to make variations. Let’s explore these delicious, nutritious dragon the fruit varieties. Many of these fruits are readily available in local grocery stores and farmer markets.

    The dragon plant fruit comes in four types; Three are pink, one with white flesh, one with red flesh, and the third with purple flesh. The fourth variety has yellow skin with transparent flesh.All are tiny black seeds that are edible, just like kiwifruit. 

    Its unique appearance lends to serve it, but this tropical fruit is also wonderfully mixed in cocktails. Dragon fruit is simple to prepare – just cut it in the middle and remove the flesh with a spoon. Depending on the variety and where it was grown, this can be a little pricey.

    How to Use this Fruit?

    _For the most part, dragon fruit is eaten in its raw form, whether it is cut, blended or frozen. But it can also be grilled, for example, which can be done with another fruit, such as pineapple, on skewers.

    • How to Cut this Fruit-

    _As the outer shell may seem, it is easy to cut the dragon plant fruit. Place dragon the fruit on a cutting board or another clean surface. Cut the fruit straight in the middle with a sharp knife, and separate it into two parts.

    Extracting fruit flesh is quite simple and like serving an avocado. Run one tablespoon around the circumference of each part (which is not edible) to separate the meat from the skin. Use the spoon to lift the flesh out of the skin and put it on the cutting board. Close on a mound of flesh, check for any residual pink skin, and cube or slice the flesh.

    When to Eat This Fruit?

    _Morning is usually the best time to consume dragon fruit. That’s because the digestive system quickly breaks down the fruit sugar to give your body all the nutrients. However, you can also eat dragon the fruit as a medium snack or at night. This is high amount of magnesium.

    • How this Fruit Tastes-

    _Dragon plant fruit has a sweet, delicate taste that can be called “tropical”. It is termed as a cross between kiwi and pear, or kiwi and watermelon. The texture is somewhat creamy with tiny seeds, similar to kiwifruit.

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    Dragon Fruit Varieties

    Technically, types of dragon fruit can be broken by genus/hybrid /species. The genus hylocereus has three different types of dragon the fruit, while selenicereus has one, and several hybrids are found in each species. However, it is very simple to categorize dragon the fruit with their skin and flesh color.

    Pink skin, white flesh dragon plant fruit (hylocereus undatus) is the most common. This is the least sweet type and can be sold under names like Alice, cosmic Charlie, David bowie, Guyute, Harpua, L.A woman, Neitzel, Seoul kitchen, Thomson, and Vietnamese jaina.

    The rosy skin of hylocereus polyrhizus is accompanied by red or pink flesh and is often larger and sweeter than the more common type. Look for bloody Mary, red jaina, voodoo baby, and zamorano.

    The genus  hylocereus is the third generation of Guatemala fruit. It has delight pink skin and purple flesh. Native to central and South America, it is also grown in Florida and is marketed as American beauty.

    The smallest and sweetest variety is yellow skin and white flesh. Most have grown in South America, it is most difficult to find because mass is not ready.

    Yellow Dragon Fruit

    The yellow dragon fruit tree is really beautiful to see. It’s a cactus plant, is a long extended stem that can sometimes be as long as 20 feet high. It requires some form to grow further. This cactus is successfully grown in aquatic tropical or subtropical climates, and is also against cold with heat resistance.

    This dragon is the sweetest! Black seeds are larger than other varieties, and are internally transparent with yellow skin.Yellow plant fruit in relatively small quantities by people who specialize in rare fruits in several countries. Ecuador is well known for its yellow fruit cactus.

     This obvious yellow species is thinner, less leafy bracts than these red skinned siblings. Dragon plant fruit is called “gateway” because it is beautiful and most delicious.The taste of this fruit is addictive, and you can eat it directly out of the skin with a spoon or in a fresh, fruity salsa that goes well with the fish. Most of the year, yellow dragon is accessible at times.

    • yellow dragon vs red-

    While red dragon  contains more antioxidants, yellow dragon is more rich in vitamins and minerals, most notably calcium, iron also.

    The taste of yellow dragon and red fruit is integrally different. Yellow dragon plant fruit has a sweet taste, big seeds, smells like mangosteen and sugar intake is around 20-25%. Red dragon fruit is usually sweet, sugar accounts for about 15%, and seeds are small.

    White Dragon Fruit

    They are also termed as hylocereus undatus or selenicereus undatus. It is a type of dragon fruit with pink skin and white flesh. It is the most famous fruit of the dragon and is delicious. Here are the common farmers:

    • Vietnamese Jaina: –

    _The amazing whitening of its fruit makes it one of the most popular varieties in the world.

    • David Bowie: –

    _Consider the thin, white duke. This white dragon type is thinner than others and tastes like a tangier, lemon.

    • L.A Woman: –

    _The size of the fruit is larger than the medium, typically weighing 0.75-1.5lbs. It has a mild, somewhat sweet, refreshing taste, but it usually leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    • Seoul Kitchen: –

    _This fruit is the major source and weighs about 0.75-1.0 LBS. This type does not require pollen from any other plant to bear fruit. The pulp in this fruit is smooth, sweet and fine when it cools or is simply eaten by hand.

    • Lake Atitlan: –

    _The type of dragon fruit with this unusual sound is often on the big and tangier side, named after a volcanic lake in Guatemala.

    • Neitzel: –

    _Made in California by rare fruit growers. It’s a dessert and can weigh up to a pound.

    • Alice: –

    _This type was named after Alice Snow, a California rare fruit grocer. This cultivation is one of the best eyes due to its hot pink peel when ripe.

    • Thompson: –

    _This choice is big and can weigh up to a pound and a half. You will enjoy the easy peeling experience and the sweet and tasty pulp of this fruit.

    • Guyute: –

    _This is easy to grow cultivar and is self pollinating. The fruit from this tree weighs about 1 pound and is best served.

    • Harpua: –

    _The fruit of this tree tastes a little like melons. The texture of pulp is rather snowy than crunchy and has a semi-sweet taste.

    Red Dragon Fruit

    The rich red meat of the red dragon is the most wonderful. This red flesh dragon  is grown in Nicaragua on a large scale, where it is miraculously fed with rich volcanic soil, resulting in more delicious and sweet fruit. The red dragon is spherical, with small leaves called “bracts” compared to its red skin and white flesh counterpart. They are also found in Israel, where it is small and large, like a pink pine cone.

    • Red jaina: –

    _It has changed due to its semisweet pulp and attractive magenta color as part of a variety of best smoothies, juice, or beverages.

    • Natural Mystic: –

    _This farming originated from Thailand. Larger than red Gina, the fruit weighs about 1 pound.

    • Costa rican sunset: –

    _One of the unique types. The fruit of this farmer is oval rather than round, and the pulp is slightly lighter than red Gina but more tasteful.

    • Zamorano: –

    _Started from Honduras and one of the most versatile agricultural plants. Its fruit works great as a part of breakfast or dessert and drinks.

    • Bloody Mary: –

    _This farming closely resembles red jaina in size, color and taste.

    Pink Dragon

    Although these dragon fruits are related to the red variety, their meat is different. The edible meat of the pink dragon ranges from soft to scorching pink. This type is common in costa rica and is often called costa rican pitaya.

    • Makisupa: –

    The paler is peeled compared to other pink dragons and has a sweet yet puny taste.

    • Delight:-

    _This farming was done in California. Among the pink dragon , one of the palest is the pink pulp but however sweet.

    • American Beauty: –

    _This is the total package of variety looks and flavors. The meat is hot pink with a sweet taste and can be easily eaten.

    • Dark Star: –

    _This type of fruit weighs up to 1.25 pounds and has long thin braces. The taste of pulp is likened to grapes and is best eaten.

    • Purple Haze: –

    _You can tell by their relatively less black seeds other than other types of purple haze.

    • Voodoo child: –

    _This cultivar produces small fruits with short brackets. Their fruits are slightly larger than eggs but provide a sweet, grape-like flavor.

    • Cosmic Charlie: –

    _The fruit of this farmer has long kept the barks, and tastes like a mixture of pulp grapes and kiwi.

    Sour Dragon Fruit

    Stenocereus or citrus dragon the fruit species is commonly consumed in barren parts of America. Sour dragon plant fruit is pleasing due to its juicer meat in addition to being solid and sour taste.

    Locals still harvest this fruit in northwestern Mexico, and they sometimes call it by the term “xacacapxl,” which translates into “the thing whose fruit is sour.” The fruit of this dragon  plant has a more acidic, watermelon-like aroma. Small black seeds have a nutty taste and are edible.

    • Which type of dragon plant fruit is the sweetest?

    Yellow dragon  (hylocereus megalanthus), commonly known as yellow pitahaya, is the tastiest and sweetest of all fruit. Because of its taste, this variety is the most popular of all dragon. Yellow pitahaya is a little smaller than red pitahaya, but it is sweeter and juicier.

    • What is the most common type of this fruit?

    The most popular dragon plant variety is the red white variety. White interiors add tremendously to a fruit salad. A dragon plant tastes like kiwi fruit, although it is usually very large.

    • What is the most expensive type of dragon?

    Yellow fruit is the fruit obtained from the fruit plant it is more expensive than pink and red fruit. Yellow fruit has less supply than other types of fruit, which makes them more expensive.

    Eat Or Store

    Dragon should be eaten fresh and immediately. or you can store leftover this in the refrigerator in an airtight container and  plastic bag for 4 to 5 days. Or it can freeze for 3 can keep fresh and ready to eat  for a week


    How can you use dragon fruit?

    While dragon fruit is a delicious snack, you can use them to garnish your salad, make them part of your drink, or make juice or smoothie.

    How does dragon fruit taste?

    _The fruit is actually quite lightweight despite its bright and bold color. It has a sweet taste which can be described by going somewhere between pear and kiwi fruit.

    Is dragon fruit healthy?

    Dragon fruit is high in vitamin c and other antioxidants, which is good for your immune system. It can boost your iron level. Iron is important to move oxygen through your body and give you energy, and the fruit is iron. And vitamin c in dragon fruit helps your body to take in and consume iron.


    In conclusion, dragon fruit is a unique and exotic fruit that is not only visually stunning but also packed with numerous health benefits. From aiding digestion to boosting the immune system, this superfood is a great addition to any diet. With its sweet and mild flavor, this fruit can be enjoyed in various ways, whether eaten raw, juiced, or included in a wide range of dishes. Its popularity has increased in recent years, making it easier to find in grocery stores and markets. So, don’t hesitate to try this fascinating fruit and experience all its delicious and beneficial qualities.