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Terms and Conditions

Before submitting your blog or article you have to take care of the following terms and conditions

  • Your article should be unique and should follow the google algorithm rules.
  • Your content must be human written and we will not accept any AI-written content.
  • Your article must be at least 800 words long.
  • the article must have quality content.
  • Content must follow the copyright rules.
  • images and videos must be copyright free.
  • You will get a do-follow link after submitting the quality content.
  • Promotional content is not allowed.

After submitting your content our editors will check the content which would be according to the terms and conditions.

It is possible that your content may take from week or two to publish at our websites. After check and balance your content would be published.

We may not guarantee to keep your free submitted content as permanent posts. We can delete it any time.